Technical overview

Getting started

The “Share with Creatubbles” connection is a unique opportunity to engage directly and safely with your community and connect with the incredible Creatubbles community of young creators from around the world. To integrate Creatubbles into your app or product, we offer ready and easy-to-install API libraries.

With Creatubbles' easy-to-install API libraries, it's easy to:

  • Authenticate a user in/out of Creatubbles, using the standard OAuth2 protocol
  • Allow users to upload and share new creations in any of the many file formats we support (png, jpeg, h264, mpeg4, wmv, webm, flv, ogg, ogv, mp4, m4v, f4v, mov, and many others)
  • Load, comment, and bubble on existing creations for your users
  • Provide content to your users in multiple locales (English, Japanese, and Italian currently, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German coming next!)

Interested in becoming a “Share with Creatubbles” partner?

Please get in touch to know more and get access to our “Share with Creatubbles” suite of materials, guides, and related assets!