Share with Creatubbles
Partner Solution

Safe social sharing solution for creators worldwide

Creatubbles is the award winning vibrant global community of creators - including artists, makers, tinkerers, children, families, friends, teachers and more!

With our "Share with Creatubbles" partner solution any company, organization, or individual can now very easily connect apps, products, solutions, and even initiatives directly to Creatubbles to engage in meaningful (and creative!) ways with children, teachers, and families around the world!

The “Share with Creatubbles” partnership solution includes:

  • Official partner page on Creatubbles
  • Content embedding widgets to display content from your official partner page on your own site
  • Access to our API libraries for multiple platforms to integrate any app, website, or other solution seamlessly to Creatubbles
  • Access and exposure to the global Creatubbles community

With a “Share with Creatubbles” connection, you can:

  • Engage with your existing customer, user, or constituent base in a way that has previously not been possible. There is nowhere else that you can see and interact with users in a safe-for-all-ages environment like Creatubbles.
  • Gain access to new customers, users, or constituents that have previously been out of your reach, locally and if relevant globally.
  • Add safe social sharing and engagement to your product, service, or solution. This allows you to offer a much more integrated experience to your customers, users, or constituents.
  • Get access to insights about what happens with your “Share with Creatubbles” connection that you can use to continue to build and engage with your audience on Creatubbles.

Different types of “Share with Creatubbles” partners

  • Integrated app or product
  • Product or toy
  • Website or online platform
  • Organization, institution, or initiative

Interested in becoming a “Share with Creatubbles” partner? Please get in touch. to know more and get access to our “Share with Creatubbles” suite of materials, guides, and related assets!